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Icon Re-design

Design Direction

In recent years, the style of The AA’s icons had become diluted. A lack of agency ownership and client guardianship had resulted in both their creation and use running wild. I approached the Head of Brand about the issue and, after presenting her with a proposal, we were given the go ahead to improve this particular aspect of The AA’s visual language.

Before any design work could begin, all of the brand’s existing icons needed to be collated. We noted how they were being used, or misused, and then created some new rules which would ensure that the boundary between illustration and iconography was not blurred. This groundwork, alongside our intimate knowledge of the brand guidelines, informed the resulting three design options. After a couple of rounds of testing, the below style came out a clear winner and is now being rolled out across their entire suite.

Icon - National Recovery - Loop.gif
Icon - Road Side Assistance - Loop.gif
Icon - Accident Management - Loop.gif
Icon - Onward Travel - Loop.gif
Icon - People - Loop.gif
Icon - Phone Us - Loop.gif
A4 Paper PSD MockUp.jpg
iPhone 6 Mockup.jpg